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About Maira Martinez

About Maira Martinez

Maira Martinez has worked in the field of alternative health practices since 1987. Along with her training in acupuncture, herbalism, hypnosis, energy work and various neuromuscular techniques, she apprenticed in ritual approaches with a Native American Medicine Man and a Wicca High Priestess. She also studied classical singing for more than ten years. In the course of her 23 years of clinical practice, she developed a counselling and healing technique combining sound work, creativity, visualization, spiritual and holistic hypnosis, rituals, bodywork and energy techniques, named CREEA practice. In the last years, she has been apprenticing, with Amadoughate Rena, a very ancient Sacred fire and Moon Ceremony.

Maira is a certified didactic facilitator of Biodanza, a discipline that combines her great loves:  expression, creativity, human development, music, dance and science. She facilitates weekly Biodanza classes and workshops in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottawa and in Europe (France, Norway and Switzerland) and the U.S.A.. She is also a specialized teacher in Biodanza extensions:  "The Minotaur project ",  " The Tree of Desires ", " The Path of Ecstasy ", " The Presentiment of the Angel", " Biodanza and Clay", " Biodanza, Voice and Percussions " , " The Circle of Archetypes", " The Hero’s Journey", " Biodanza and the four Elements", " Re Birthing in Biodanza", " Biodanza and Neo Shamanism".

One of the pioneers of Biodanza in North America, Maira is director and member of the pedagogical council of the Montreal  and Quebec South-West School of Biodanza and is passionately working for the furthering of Biodanza in Quebec and Canada.

Said about Maira:  

Maira is a naturally gifted teacher. She has a unique way of weaving poetry, science, and movement into inspiring classes, leading us into profound and playful experience of connexion. 

Del denne siden med andre!

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