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DHARMA MOUNTAIN Biodanza SILENCE retreat with Unni Heim - COMING HOME

Fra 29. mars 2018
til 1. april 2018

Adresse: Dharma Mountain, 3528 Hedalen

Biodanza Silence retreat with Unni Heim,

- 4 day retreat at Dharma Mountain in the Hedalen valley, Valdres in Norway

from 18:00 Thursday 29. March 2018 until

approx 16.00 Sunday 1. April 2018  (Easter holiday)

"Coming home, going in and the nourishing power of Silence and Peace".

"Some times I long for silence. I long for time and space to go inside. I long for a deeper connection with my most intimate, inner space. I long for the connection with the totality that can emerge from there. I long for the soft clarity of mind. I long for the warmth that is being awaikened in my heart, and the sence of abundance arising from within. 

I love Biodanza and the sence of community it supports. I love the way my life potensial is being stimulated and the connection it brings me with the origins of life. I love the way it helps us to bridge the inner and outher world to make it become one. I love how it gently shows me to be a better version of myself.

This is my motivation to give this Biodanza and silence retreat." Unni Heim January 2018

The workshop will start as a normal biodanza workshop, and from there we enter into silence (non-talking) and takes a more inwords focus. From Friday at lunchtime until Sunday morning (two days) we invite the participants to keep the non-talking communication also between the sessions. This means that the workshop is different from all other biodanza workshops we give. 

It gives you the possibility to listen to your inner space, to rest, to rejuvenate.

During most of the biodanza session we use music from the sound system, but some dances and moments will be in silence. We will also be supported by gentle guitar plaid by my assistant Helga Rachel Høgåsen and we will sing from the heart.

Some sessions will also be in total silence. And if the weather allows we will be out doors some moments.

The main themes this year are:

- gratitude of the heart and

- regeneration of life through the yin energy; water and earth.

To surender to our inner space, to our inner water, to our inner earth we can slowly awaiken new energy, new insight, new direction.

The womb of the group and the silence is giving space to a deeper connection with the voice of life inside of us, our intuition, our inner guide.

Who can joyn? 

We highly recommend that you have previous experience with Biodanza or other forms of inner life-, relational- or spiritual work. However it is not an absolute requirement. The most important thing is that you have a desire to open up to life and relations in all its beauty, as well as going into silence for a longer time to sink deeper into the present moment.

Through dance, human contact and silence we open up to connect deeper with ourselves, with others and life in all its totality.


If you have never done Biodanza before we recommend that you take a look at www.biodanza.no to get some more information to see if this could be the right place for you to start.  You can also contact Unni to check out if this could be the right place for you to start (unni@biodanza.no)

Maximum 40 participants.

Practical information:


We are happy to choose the beautiful www.dharmamountain.com in Hadalen in Valdres as our venue for the retreat.

Here you will enjoy home cooked simple and natural food, hosted by warm and caring staff.


Price & payment:

To reserve your place please pay a deposit of 600 NOK.

When the deposit is paid before 29. February, the total price for the group is 4.750 NOK.

When the deposit is paid after 29. February, the total price for the group is 5.350 NOK

All deposits are non-refundable.

Single room additional cost: 1200 NOK (If available)

Please transfer the remaining payment for the group to our bank account by 27 March 2018

Dharma Mountain AS

Account number 1594 44 22533
IBAN: NO 29 1594 44 22533
Swift/Bic- address: DNBANOKK

(People living in Norway do not need to use IBAN and Swift/Bic).


0021 Oslo

Read more details about what is included in the fee further down the page!

To sign up: contact Dharma Mountain:

(+ 47) 94 89 10 10



What is included in the fee?

- All workshops

- Shared accommodation for 3 nights (double room)

- Cleaning of the cottage on departure

- Hot evening meal on the arrival day

- Breakfast, hot lunch and evening soup on Friday and Saturday

- Breakfast and hot lunch on Sunday.

- Coffee and tea during the breaks



There will be at least six Biodanza sessions. In the beginning the retreat will have a more vital caracter. Little by little we start slowing down and from Friday lunch time until Sunday morning we will invite you to be in silence between the sessions.

How to get there:

The venue (Dharma Mountain) is located about 2 hour's drive south-west of Oslo.

You can go by car or by bus.

You take the Bus to Nes i Ådal (This is the line called Valdresekspressen). From there you take a taxi 15 minutes. It is easy and not expensive to share taxi with other people for the last part of the journey.

Click here to see road descriptions and information about bus transportation.


About the accommodation:

You will sleep in holiday cottage. Each cottage has two bedrooms, with two beds in each room. One cottages have 3 bedrooms.

There will be two persons in each room.

Every cottage has its own bathroom!

Here you can see some pictures.


Teaching language:

The teachings will be done in English only.


About the teacher:

All vivencias (workshops) will be given by Unni Heim.

Unni is the director of The Rolando Toro School for Biodanza - Norway and is the founder of Biodanza in Norway.

Read more about Unni here.

Unni is assisted by Helga Rachel Høgåsen. Read about Helga here.

Del denne siden med andre!

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