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STOCKHOLM Biodanza workshop with Unni Heim - PLEASURE, DESIRE AND LIFE

Fra 10. februar 2018
til 11. februar 2018

Adresse: Rotemannavegen 10, 14557 Stockholm

Biodanza weekend workshop in Stockholm, Sweeden with Unni Heim

10-11 February 2018

at 11:00 - 19:00 saturday and 11:00 - 15:00 sunday.

Theme for the workshop:

This weekend we will explore both pleasure and desire in relation to life. These words are often associated with the line of sexuality. However, both pleasure and desire has its roots in the totality of life itself.

Our body is full of gifts to be experienced. Our senses are the door to the world inside and the world outside.

Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza wrote:

"Biodanza is to learn about- and to enjoy all the large and small pleasures of life."

“Real pleasure comes from a profound, authentic and pure place with deep connection with the natural and healthy enthusiasm for life."

Our desires are complex impulses whose origin is our instincts.

In this workshop will invite the pleasure and desire that life has given us as natural resources, healer and compass. We will give them form, and we will try to incorporate them in its entire splendour.

We will invite pleasure and desire both from a vitality perspective, as well as from the purity of sexuality through the passionate and life affirming Eros.


1400 SEK. (1.100 SEK early bird. Contact Rosario in Sweeden for details biodanza.stockholm@live.com)

Rosario will open the first Biodanza teachers training in Stockholm March 2018! She also give a workshop in Stockholm December 2-3 2017.

Please contact Rosario if you are interested in the workshop or the school!biodanza.stockholm@live.com


Unni Heim, born 1968 in the North of Norway.
Has been practicing biodanza since 2003.
In 2000, I was struck by serious illness. I got ME and cancer. For long periods, I could barely walk or talk. I had to stop working. I had to move from my house and I had to reinvent my life totally, rebuilding from a deep, essential base.
This changed my life totally. All of a sudden, life became more vibrant, the moment became more precious, my co-human beings became more important, my perspectives expanded and my own personal life became sacred.
In 2003, I encountered Biodanza. Immediately I recognized the transformative and healing power it had. However, most of all I was touched by how biodanza constantly reminds us how valuable life is.
Biodanza has supported my process all these years, and it has helped me grow and continue to both strengthen my center as well as making me expand and evolve in connection with everything around me and in me.
We all share this path of being human. I came to a turning point, and so do we all eventually and on different levels.
The best medicine for a human being is other people and nature. After all, we talk about human nature. All we need to do is dare to receive it and let it live.
This realization have also made me understand the healing power of pleasure and to give life to our deepest desires in life.


Del denne siden med andre!

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