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Continous learning for teachers, students under supervision and people that have done methodology with Carolina Churba-Doyle

Fra 20. januar 2018
til 21. januar 2018

January 20  -21 2018


Saturday at 10:30 - 19:00 and Sunday at 10:30 - 17:30


Central Oslo

Make Biodanza Work for You

Continuous learning for biodanza teachers, students under supervision and people that has completed the majority of the 3rd year from all biodanza schools.

Carolina Churba-Doyle is coming from South-Africa to give us her tools to improve the weekly class work we do.

The weekend will be given in English.

The weekend is called: Making Biodanza Work for You:

Purpose from Carolina:
My purpose is to assist you to upgrade and to refresh your skills as a Biodanza facilitator by working with progressivity and building community. Working with Progressivity Progressivity is the golden tool of Biodanza. It sustains you as a facilitator. It creates sustainable groups that build a community with committed individuals progressively improving their lives. Many facilitators fall down in their ability to lead a group through the three levels of progressivity (beginner, advanced and indepth).

The workshop will give you a set of tools to work through the transitions from one level to the next. These tools are simple to understand but need experience and judgement to apply successfully in classes and group development. At the end of the workshop, you will be more equipped for the next step in your Biodanza career.

There is also an option of on-going mentorship to help you further implement what you will have learned.

Price for the workshop:

NOK 1700.

Please use the form to sign up and pay.

People from other schools are welcome!

The program:
Two Day Course:

Day 1:
Morning: Building a Community

Biodanza grows if your classes grow. And your classes grow when you grow. The key point is how to build and hold community through Biodanza. This is the original and a key message of Rolando.

Biodanza is a group activity. It goes against society’s attempts to isolate people.

The method of forming a group and creating a sense of community is what creates a sustainable group. If you do this right, you have a steady core in your classes. This is then something to build on. The group creates its own momentum. You will learn how to support this group formation process until this momentum kicks in.

Afternoon: How to Read a Group

Every class is unique. It is not the same group you had last week. It is different. You need to be able to see what is in front of you each session. Read the group right, deliver the right class and meet them where they are.

This requires experience and skill that is not taught in any Biodanza School module. This is a hard won ability. I would like to share this skill with you. It will save you a lot of heart ache as a Facilitator.

DAY 2: Morning: Sequencing of Exercises

There are certain sequences of exercises that are foolproof. If you don’t follow these sequences, the dances do not work. Rolando showed us these sequences way back in 1980s. They have worked for me over the last thirty years. I would like to share these sequences with you.

Afternoon: Practice Sequence of Exercises

This is your chance to practice these new skills. Sharing of the experiences of the workshop. Closing Circle & End of Workshop 

About Carolina:
Carolina I started Biodanza in 1982 with Rolando Toro. I am the founder of Biodanza in South Africa and one of the most experienced Directors of Biodanza worldwide – having completed nineteen school cycles. My Biodanza Johannesburg School is internationally recognised as providing some of the best Biodanza facilitator training world-wide. As the translator of the main Biodanza training material from Spanish to English, I have been instrumental in bringing Biodanza from South America to the English speaking world. 

On-Going Mentoring
This is optional. But I would like to participate in your classes. This will give me a very clear idea of where you are with your own growth and the growth of your group. We can then tailor-make the correct solution for your personal journey with Biodanza as a facilitator. Pricing of this will be agreed with you on an individual basis.



Weekend full fee: 1.700 kr

Deposit: 300 kr

Rest 1700 -depositum: 1.400 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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