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Online-danza - Connected in Unity

6. mai 2020

Adresse: Where you are via ZOOM,

«Together - at Home»
"Sammen hver for oss"

Wednesday 6. May at 10 am Norwegian, South-African time (UTC+2)
 (UK 9 am (UTC+1)) (For other timezones, please check in a timezone calculator)
The session will last maximum 2 hours, but normally we end after 1.5 hours.

Finally, we are ready to welcome you to unite online in dance and human togetherness.

These sessions are built on the essence of Biodanza; return to the natural movements, connect with ourselves others and the universe, returning to health, expression of emotions and stimulation of our innate life potential to mention some.

However, as you all know, Biodanza is a group process where we are physically together in one room with also physical connection between us. We can take inn each other through all our senses and this creates a unique vivencia of being alive. We cannot live this particular experience in Biodanza at this moment. However we can take in the essence of togetherness, we can connect deeper with our own inner space, we can transform emotions, we can expand our consciousness, we can find deep harmony and unity, and we can actually also feel each other.

While we wait for the incredible healing experience of Biodanza where we are all unite in one room, we take in that also this moment is incredible in its own way. This moment holds life potential, magic and meaning in itself. We embark on the possibility of this moment.

We can best name the session Life centred dance journey and human encounter.

Due to this, the sessions will be a bit different from a normal Biodanza session. The sessions are with simple dances and we start with a short meditation. It will be a bit more focus on interoseption due to the adaptations that brings us the most meaning and healing at this moment.

Dance to connect - Dance to feel - Dance to express
Life is now.
We are together - at home.


This Life centred dance journey and human encounter will take place where you are via ZOOM (a digital platform for online meetings. www.zoom.us)). You just have to click on the link that will be sent to you after registration. You do not need to down load the program. If you have never been in a ZOOM meeting before it could be vice to test it beforehand just to see that you are able to connect sound and video.

We know that people using mac machines sometimes have problems, but it is possible to connect via mac. Please take time to investigate before the session. We recommend that you use a computer and not a phone. That will give you a more complete experience since you will not be able to see the others on a phone. However if you do not have a computer, you smart phone or tablet will work as well.

Who can join?

Everybody with biodanza experience are welcome to join.

If you do not have experience, please make contact with me so that you can get some more information before signing in. We will find a way together.  My email us unni@biodanza.no

Cost: I ask a contribution of NOK 150 for the session (Normal fee is NOK 300). The people with season card in any of my groups dance for free also in this session.

Sign up and pay: You can register and pay by using the form on this page. There you can pay with card, VIPPS or invoice. The link for the online session will be sent to you as upon registration. Please look for the pdf-file in your confirmation email.



Dropp inn : 150 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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