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Awaken your inner Angel - Biodanza workshop with Unni in Oslo

13. desember 2020 13:30 - 20:00

Adresse: Online via zoom,

Warmly welcome to this workshop in Oslo
The workshop has been moved ONLINE via ZOOM!!!

The Whisper from Within - Awaken your inner Angel

with Unni Heim
Sunday 13  December at 13:30 - 20:00

This workshop we focuses on our subtle, essential qualities. We slow down the pace and move into a listening and permeable state; A state where we can listen to, and express our inner voice, our "angel".

The Angels, in art, religion, history and music are found in all cultures around the world. They represent a collective archetype of transcendence and spiritual communion for human unity and communication with the divine.


In Biodanza we refer to the word angel as an energy, a human feeling and quality rather than as a picture.

Dancing into these qualities can be a doorway to the subtle realms of extra sensory wisdom, expansion of consciousness and an embodiment of the increasing potentials of our own divinity.

This allows for a deeper and more meaningful connection with ourselves, with others and the world around us.


For Rolando Toro (creator of Biodanza), the angelic archetypes represented a subtle, essential and powerful connection with all life. If we open ourselves to this, it can change our perception of the world.

It can help us to find beauty, harmony, union, unconditional love and extended awareness.

Awakening and embracing our inner angels is a journey. Here are both grace, humility and an awareness where we can transcend beyond our own limitations.

The archetype of the Angel was an important aspect of human development, to Rolando Toro (creator of Biodanza), and he proposed a deepening specialisation of this vivencia in Biodanza.

This weekend we will expand into this specialisation. In addition to the use of music and dance, we will also read poems / prayers that Rolando Toro has written to various aspects of our interior. The poems are used as inspiration and will lead us deeper into the various qualities.

The call is made through our innermost sincerity and innocence and the response that we can experience in our life reflects this simple yet profound connection with the sacredness of life.


Who can participate?

The workshop is suitable for those who have made biodanza for a while (weekly classes regularly or that you have participated in at least one of my workshops earlier).

In addition to the usual qualities needed to attend biodanzaworkshops), it is important that you can rest in yourself. It is for those of you that have ability, or a strong desire, to surrender to the lessons learned from within; your vivencia of the micro and macrocosm, to let go of controlling mind and wanting to open for the living experience in the moment.

If you do not fit into any of these categories and would like to attend, please contact us. Together we can agree that the workshop can suit you. Send an email to unni@biodanza.no and we can together navigate in this.

Reservation, price and payment:

Price: 1100 NOK

To sign up by using the form on this page.

The workshop has been moved online! So there is no limitation for number of participants!!!

About the teacher Unni Heim:

Unni is the founder of Biodanza in Norway as well as founder of the training institute Norsk Biodanzaskole. She has been teaching regularly since 2006 and Biodanza is her full time job and passion. The last years Unni has also been inviting to teach internationally (Sweden, England, Ireland, Czech, Slovenia, South-Africa, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Bali and more). She is also a transpersonal psychotherapist (psychosynthesis) and she has the Master of Engineering degree from NTNU.

"My spiritual- and existential journey made a leap in 2000 when I needed to change everything in my life. Since then I have been passionate about the expansion of consciousness, healing and the art of human connection. This journey have given me deep meaning, new energy and I feel deep gratitude for being alive, connected and on an ever changing journey of discovery and love.




Biodanza 13. desember: 1.100 kr

Rabatt for lavbudsjett: 750 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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