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1 dags Biodanza workshop i Oslo på Scenehuset

31. juli 2021

Adresse: Scenehuset, Bogstadveien 49 og ute i naturen på Bygdøy,

Velkommen til biodanza inne og ute i naturen.

Lørdag 31. juli klokken 11:30 - 18:00
Dette arrangementet er avlyst pga få påmeldte. 

Human. Nature. 

- Celebrating Life and our Roots -

Velkommen til 1 dag med biodanza for å feire livet og koble oss dypere til våre røtter, til våre forfedre og til livskraften. 

Address: Bogstadveien 49, 0336 Oslo

Price: 900 NOK

Sign in:

You can sign in and pay by using the form on this page. You can pay with credit card, Vipps (in Norway) and ask for an invoice.

Max 16 participants!

Questions can be sent to Unni at unni@biodanza.no

Who can join?

The classes are open to people with previous biodanza experience. If you are new, please contact me, and together we can find out if this is a workshop for you. 

Warmly welcome !

About the teacher Unni Heim:

Unni is the founder of Biodanza in Norway as well as founder of the training institute Norsk Biodanzaskole. She has been teaching regularly since 2006 and Biodanza is her full time job and passion. The last years Unni has also been inviting to teach internationally (Sweden, England, Ireland, Czech, Slovenia, South-Africa, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Bali and more). She is also a transpersonal psychotherapist (psychosynthesis) and she has the Master of Engineering degree from NTNU.

"My spiritual- and existential journey made a leap in 2000 when I needed to change everything in my life. Since then I have been passionate about the expansion of consciousness, healing and the art of human connection. This journey have given me deep meaning, new energy and I feel deep gratitude for being alive, connected and on an ever changing journey of discovery and love."


COVID-19 regulations.

All workshops will follow the Covid-19 guidelines as directed by government protocol. The space is large and we have very good routines for cleaning.

We kindly ask everyone to keep a minimum of one meter between you and others at any time, as well as having a good hygiene.

If you have corona symptoms we kindly ask you to remain home. If that should happen, your payment can be used for another event with me later (Biodanza, flowdancing, meditation or other courses). 

Del denne siden med andre!

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