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FULLBOOKET - OSLO - Beyond ~ biodanza & neo-shamanism monthly group with Unni

14. oktober 2022

Adresse: Helgesensgate 10 (Oslo Buddhistsenter), 0535 Oslo

Moved by the spirit of Life

Biodanza & neo-shamanism monthly group with Unni in Oslo

Friday 14 Oct, 28 Oct, 18 Nov and Dec 2 
from 17:30 - 19:30


«Biodanza and Neo-Shamanism» is an invitation to dive in the heart of our true nature, to live our essence and our own wild and sacred being. 

Each and every one of us is a blessed child of the Universe. Each and every one of us has a Divine nature, an essential connexion, a way of belonging to an archetypal lineage.

In this season’s group we will focus on the following topics:

14 October : Awaken your inner animal

28 October : Embracing our ancestral power

18 November : Re-connection with your cosmic roots

2 December : Return to the sacred embodiment

Every session we will create a ceremonial and ritual space. We will welcome the elements, the directions, life energy and our inner center – uniting with the sacredness at the very heart of our being. Some sessions I will also use my drum. 


Who can join:

The process will speak deepest to those of you that feel a connection with the theme, or has a longing to surrender deeper in to the spirit of life and go beyond your imagination and connect with what you feel, perceive and discover. It is recommended that you already have a solid background in Biodanza or other spiritual work, and that you have good mental health. You have an integrated capacity for a healthy autoregulation.


Price, registration and payment:

Kr: 800 for the whole course.

Only 10 participants.

Sign in by using the form on this page. There you can pay with card, vipps or even with invoice.


PS: In the same venue there will be a Shamanic Flowdancing later on the same days.These sessions start at 20:00. This is a deep meditation dance journey. 

Cost for both courses: Kr 1400

More info about Shamanic Flowdancing here: Flowdancing (kartra.com)

About the teacher:  

Unni is a warm and sensitive facilitator. She grew up in Tromsø, but has lived most of her adult life in Oslo or around the world. Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative journey, both personally and professionally. She works full time with dance, meditation and human development, and has been invited to teach in several countries in Eastern, Southern, Central and Northern Europe as well as South Africa and Bali.
Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey is her greatest passion.

Unni is also the founder of Biodanza i Norway, and she is the founder and co-director of Norsk Biodanzaskole (the school training new biodanza teachers).

PS: In the same venue there will be a Shamanic Flowdancing later on the same days.

These sessions start at 20:00. This is a deep meditation dance journey. 




Whole course Biodanza

Whole course bio & Flowdancing

Restbeløp flowdancing: 600 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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