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Mechanisms of action in Biodanza with Unni Heim at Biodanzaskolen i Stockholm

10. juni 2023

Welome to another Biodanza school weekend in Stockholm.
This weekend is about the actions mechanism in Biodanza.
An opportunity to understand and experience how Biodanza can influence our physical and physical health in an unique way.
What is the action of Biodanza upon human life? What are the mechanisms that induce organic and existential changes? For many people the beneficial effects of Biodanza are unexplainable. How is it possible to cure psychosomatic illnesses and to raise the quality of life through dance and exercises?
It is even more difficult to imagine that Biodanza influences the evolution of the socio- cultural process.
These questions can be answered when we understand the theoretical basis of the Biodanza system.
Teacher: Unni Heim, school director of Biodanza in Oslo.
About Unni Heim:
Unni Heim is the director of The Rolando Toro School for Biodanza – Norway, and the founder of Biodanza in Norway. She took her training in Amsterdam, and started teaching weekly groups of biodanza in 2006. During the next few years she grew the biodanza movement in Norway, and in 2011 the first Biodanza school in a Nordic country was born.
Unni is a trained psychosynthesis therapist from the Norwegian Institute for Psychosynthesis (NIP, 4 years), as well as a didactic biodanza trainer. In addition, she has a Master of Science degree from NTNU.
She is a warm and sensitive facilitator, growing up in Tromsø, North of Norway, but has lived most of her adult life in Oslo or around the world. Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative journey, both personally and professionally. She works full time with dance, meditation, ceremonies and human development, and has been invited to teach in several countries in Eastern, Southern, Central and Northern Europe, as well as South Africa and Bali.
Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey and inner process is her greatest passion.
Unni has a license to run a Biodanza school, train new biodanza teachers, and she also has a license to train other biodanza teachers in the specialisation: Biodanza in nature.
Saturday 10:00 - 19:00 with break for eating
Sunday 10:00 - 15:00
SUBTOPIA, a production centre for culture, cultural, creative and social industries.
2000 kr. ( 200 euro ) to ingress to Bankcount number:
IBAN SE76 6000 0000 0005 1908 2451
ARE YOU COMING FROM ANOTHER PLACE? There is a close hotel to the Subtopia´s local. For more details:
Slagsta Gate Hotell, Norsborg
How to arrive to Subtopia from Slagsta Gate Hotell:
From Slagsta Gate Hotel walk about 7 min, 500 m to the street Slagsta gårdsväg and take the Bus 795 (Tumba station)13 min (14 stops)
Step down on the street Lagmansbacken and walk about 14 min, 1.2 km to Subtopia, Rotemannavägen 10, 145 57 Norsborg

Del denne siden med andre!

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