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Roots and wings - Biodanza workshop with Unni in Szczecin - Polen

Fra 18. november 2023
til 19. november 2023

Health, identity & Instinctual wisdom


Biodanza invites us to celebrate life.

It invites us to unfold our innate potential for connection, vitality, creativity and fusion with the totality.

The foundation of our identity is rooted in our original “seed”, the unique potential in each of us. When referring to healthy growth we often use the term "good soil". The “good soil” provides access to nutrition, grounding, our centre, safety, bonding and much more. And in this soil the natural potential is stimulated to unfold.

From our roots grows the trunk, our centre of identity. From this center we can open ourselves to the unknown, to expansion, to connection with our dreams, to set ourselves free, to see life in a perspective and to discover who we are. 


In the core of this process, we find the instincts, which in our culture are validated as immature, and something to get rid of.

It is possible to look at the instincts in a different way:

-as a source to deep wisdom and fulfilment.

Examples of instincts are: 

  • instincts for rest and for activity,
  • instinct for having a safe base and for discovery,
  • instinct for being alone and being with other people,
  • instinct for being seen and for hiding one self
  • instincts for individuality and for fusion with the totality
  • instincts for creativity and change, and so many more.

And when the instincts are acknowledged, celebrate and balances, they can be a compass for deep connection, joy, satisfaction, meaning, insight and health. They can be a bridge between my source, my innermost essence, and the person I unfold into being – my identity.

Welcome home to the depth of who we are. Welcome to dance the diversity of instincts and discover their medicine.

Grow your roots deeper. Spread your wings wider.
Finding the courage to fly…


This workshop is open to anybody that have been practicing biodanza regularly, as well as for people with biodanza workshop experience.

If you do not fit in any of these categories, and would like to join, please contact Tamaya biuro.life@gmail.com so that we can decide together if this is a good workshop for you.

More info about prices and hours will come soon. 

Del denne siden med andre!

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