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Women's medicine – embody ancestral power - Workshop for women with Unni

Fra 11. november 2023
til 12. november 2023

Adresse: Sagveien 28, Tantrasenteret i Oslo, 0459 Oslo

It is with greate joy that I invite for the second module of the Women's medicine workshop series (read about module 1, 2 and 3 at the end of the page. You do not need to have done module one in order to attend module two. And you only commit to one module at the time.)

Module 2: Return to the Sacred Mother

Saturday 11 November from 12 to 20 and
Sunday 12 November from 11 to 17
at Oslo Tantrasenter, Sagveien 28, 0459 Oslo

Biodanza, flowdancing, ceremonies, clay, art, meditation and wisdom circle.

We call on the ancestral medicine, and this time we focus more on the collective, ancient, universal powers that we are a part of.

NOK 1400 normal
NOK 1200 for low income/student

Max 18 participants. 

Teacher: Unni Heim

Motivation for this workshop:

When my life crashed over 20 years ago, I became aware that for many years I had lived completely without contact with my feminine essence. Many call this part of us Divine feminine.

I also discovered that the masculine side of me was immature, and colored by the times we live in. My Divine masculine was also waiting to be found and retrieved.

The journey in recent years has been to rediscover both the feminine and masculine essence within me, and to bring these together into a nourishing union.

And I see that this is a journey many of us are on, both women and men; to come back to who we are and liberate ourselves from the unhealthy structures and repression from the historical patriarchy.

It is a time for love and compassion, and for healing.

At the last years of my mother’s life, I also came much closer to womanhood, and not only the feminine and masculine as energies within. The consequences and imprints our history have for our lives became so clear. Identification with all the women in the past, present, future arised in me, and a tremendous love for the common path we are on changed me forever.

This love that is in all of us, is essential to heal both men and women in our time.

There are many paths into this work, and there are many aspects to retrieve:

- Women’s integrated female identity

- Celebrating the sanctity of female expression in the world

- The woman's relationship with the sacred – the mysteries of the feminine

- Feminine archetypes

- Creativity and love

- Initiation rituals and different phases of a woman's life

- Healing from the patriarchate’s repression

- Welcoming our lineage

- And more 

During this particular weekend we will focus on our ancient roots, the earthly venus archetype, the return of the ancient earth mother and more.

And of course, the feminine sistership.  

Woman! Welcome!

This is the second workshop in a series of 3 with the focus on our ancestral roots and power. 
In module 1 we call upon our ancestral line and connect with love including more of our roots into our consciousness. Poetry and photos are essencial in module 1. 
In module 2 (this workshop) we go deeper into the earth and the ancetral memory of the female body. 
The theme from module 3 is not set yet.
You do not need to do module 1 before module 2. You can do it in the other way arounds.
Module one and two will be organiced a few times before we offer module 3.



Deposit women's workshop: 300 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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