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Payment link for cacao, women's circle autumn 2023

Fra 6. oktober 2023
til 1. desember 2023

Adresse: Søndre Tollbodgate 3, 9008 Tromsø

Thank you for wanting to sign in for our cacao, women's circle as described at Cacao Ceremony Womens Circle (kartra.com)

Here you can use the form to register and pay.

You can choose to sign in for one session or for the whole cycle. 

If signing in for one session only, please write the date for the actual session in the comment-field. (25 August, 6 October or 1 december). Thank you.

If you have very low income, I offer a discounted fee both for one session and for the full season. Feel free to chose the option that is the right for your situation.   

An email with practical info will be sent to you one day before the actual event. 

I am so much lookiong forward to shere the seremony with you!




One session normal fee: 440 kr

One session discount fee: 330 kr

Rest season normal fee: 780 kr

Rest season discount fee: 600 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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