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THE HERO'S JOURNEY ~ a path of self-knowledge for personal & collective growth - module 1/3

Fra 27. januar 2024
til 28. januar 2024

Adresse: Bogstadveien 49 Scenehuset, 0336 Oslo

The Hero’s Journey” - a path of self-knowledge for personal & collective growth

Biodanza process inspired by the work of C.J. Pearson & Joseph Campbell’s theory on our archetypical life journey.

Scenehuset, Bogstadveien 49, 0336 Oslo
Saturday from 12:00 to 19:00
Sunday from 11:00 to 17:30
27-28 January 2024
24-25 February 2024
16-17 March 2024

Guided by a collaborative team of biodanza teachers (Grazia Lombardi, Kristine Stray-Knudsen & Unni Heim) and organized by Unni Heim

Every human being go through phases of excitement, of challange, of caos, of re-orientation, of mastery, of growth.

Campbell explains these phases as a journey of the hero/heroine within and calles it “The Hero’s journey”. It represents the evolutionary process inside of us that is ever evolving, ever growing, ever maturing and learning, ever moving into a more integrated human being.

The Hero’s Journey” that we will dance during this workshop series has three phases, and is represented by 12 archetypes that characterize each step of the evolutionary journey:


Phase one - The departure:

Something happens, it might be either an oversight, or a mistake, or a contingency. All of these things can reveal an unexpected world where the hero must face a problem. Possible inner resources are revealed to us.


Phase two - The journey or the initiation:

Due to the changes, we enter the world again to explore, create, love, build, destroy. It takes courage to enter this phase, and even if we have support from life, the challenges and new possibilities must be faced by the hero himself. They must be lived.


Phase three - The return:

The hero inside of us has undergone a transformation and has grown into new insight, empowerment, wisdom and mastery. When a new shift happens again in our lives (phase one) we come into it more mature and more resourced.


The four archetypes represented in each of the three phases are:

Departure phase: the Innocent, the Orphan, the Warrior, the Care taker

Journey phase : the Explorer, the Destroyer, the Lover, the Creator

Return phase: the Sovereign, the Magician, the Wise, the Fool


“There are many ways of framing these universal phases and situations in our lives. And in Biodanza we have several different offers building on many of these frameworks. I regularly offer paths of transformation through different trajectors like tarot, archetypes from greec mythology, neo-shamanism an more. This particular process that we offer now is built on the book: “Awaken the Hero within – 12 archetypes we live by” written by C.J. Pearson. And I have invited some of my collegues that are specificaly trained to work within this framework to guide & teach the process together with me. Together we can offer a unique and powerful space for human growth and transformation." Unni Heim

The first module is led by Unni Heim
The second module is led by me (Unni) together with Grazia Lombardi
The third module is led by me (Unni) together with Kristine Stray-Knudsen

Together we are superexcited to welcome you into the journey – Your Hero’s/Heroin’s journey!



One module normal fee: 1500 NOK
One module early bird by signing in before December 30: 1300 NOK
All tree modules when signing in for them all from the beginning and lates January 12: 1200 NOK pr module (3600 NOK in total).
To sign in and secure your place please use the form on this page and pay the deposit of 300(one module)/900(all 3 modules).
Some days before the workshop we send you an email with some practical info as well as a link for payment of the reminder of the fee.


About the collaborative team of teachers:

Grazia Lombrardi teaching in module 2, February 2024:


Grazia is originally from Italy, but she has been living in Norway since the year 2000. She became a qualified Biodanza teacher at the Norwegian Biodanza School of Oslo (first cycle), and has given Biodanza classes for ten years now, both holding weekly groups and focusing on social projects, in cooperation with several Institutions, among others, the Norwegian Red Cross. Since 2018 she also gives regular classes for the elderly in Oslo.

In 2019 she became a qualified didactic teacher, and since then she has also given classes and workshop at Festivals both in Norway and abroad.

Grazia is teaching together with Unni at the second module in February.


Kristine Stray-Knudsen teaching in module 3, March 2024

Kristine teaches biodanza in Tønsberg/ Nøtterøy and in Bærum. Kristine teaches with warmth, playfulness and a zest of joy. She has extensive experience of working with people and personal development, both as manager and business owner and as a supervisor/ conversation partner/ life coach. She has also been working with young children & elderly people. In addition to education in marketing, sales and management, Kristine is educated in biodanza (third cycle), life management, integral therapy, NLP and Reiki.

Kristine is teaching together with Unni at the third module in March


Unni Heim organizer and main teacher at module 1, 2 & module 3. 

Unni is de founder of Biodanza in Norway as well as the founder of Norsk Biodanzaskole. She started her journey with biodanza (a true heroine’s journey!) in 2004, and started teaching in Norway October 2006. In January 2007 she opened the first biodanza weekly group in a Nordic country, and in 2011 she opened the biodanza school.

One of her passions is the essence of our life journey, the evolution and expansion of consciousness, the value of life, and the collective healing of mankind. She is trained as a Masters of engineering, psychosynthesis therapist and biodanza teacher.

Since 2000 she has been on a deep transformational journey herself as she transitioned from a life working as an international consultant in the IT-industry, to starting an inner journey due to life threatening illness.

Over the years she has been invited to teach regularly in every corner of Europe as well as South-Africa, Bali & Israel.



Deposit Normal fee: 300 kr

Deposit early bird: 300 kr

Deposit all 3 modules: 900 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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