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NØSEN - Winter bliss silent retreat with biodanza, meditation, flowdancing, cacao ceremony, fire ceremony and more

Fra 7. februar 2024 17:30
til 10. februar 2024 11:00

Adresse: Nøsasvingen 19, Panoramavegen, 2960 Røn

Nurturing Winter silent retreat with dance, meditation & cacao

Nøsen yoga & Fjelhotell
from 17:30 Wednesday 7 February 2024
until 11.00 Saturday 10 February 2024  

Essential remembrance and connection through silence, biodanza, meditation, flowdancing, cacao ceremony, fire ceremony, mantra singing, sharing circles and free time. 

Welcome to a nourishing weekend of deeper connection at beautiful Nøsen yoga & Mountain hotel. 


Getting together in a container of warmth, silence, dance, meditation and ceremonies has become one of my priorities in life. It is a doorway to expanded consciousness and essential connection with who we are. It often brings deep meaning, healing and reconnection.


Most of the retreat will be with silent togetherness. From Thursday morning to Saturday morning, we will not talk with each other using words (except from the possibility of sharing in sharing circles). This gives us a possibility for deeper listening and more inner focus.

The silence/non talking period is supported by biodanza, flowdancing, meditation, cacao ceremony, fire ceremony, mantra singing and free time.


About Biodanza: 
Biodanza is a radical system of integration and change. It invites us to open up to life fully on all levels and to awaken dormant life potential. Dance, integrated movements, affection, trance, connection on all levels (connection with yourself, with others and with life in its totality) are essential powers of change in Biodanza. 

About Flowdancing: 
Flowdancing is dance meditation. You can have your eyes closed or open as you choose, and your dance will unfold from inside in the moment. A part of the dance journey is with blind-fold to support the process of entering deeper inside.
Flowdancing is:
- meditation because it shifts my consciousness
- medicine because it harmonizes stress and stuck emotions
- a mediator because it offers me a space of exploration in all directions.
- a medium because I can ride the wave of exploration in it.


About Cacao Ceremony: 
Cacao ceremony is a meditative sacred ritual inviting us for deeper connection; connection with ourselves, with life and with our highest purpose.
Ceremonial Cacao acts as a heartful facilitator for inner work.
Holding a high vibrational quality, Cacao will guide you deeper into your body, stimulate your mind, and awaken your sensitivity, making it the perfect ally to support your silence, our dance and our insight and it carries you deeper within. To enter the moment in a ceremonial way opens new doors of perception.

Estimated program:

Wednesday 7 Februar
17:30 Welcome – Short gathering
18:00 Dinner
20:00 -21:45 Opening session with Biodanza & Light ceremony
Thursday 8 February
08:15 – 08:45 Morning meditation - non guided
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Session biodanza
13:00 Lunch
15:00 Cacao Ceremony with meditation & flowdancing
18:00 Dinner
20:00 Mantra singing
Friday 9 Februar
08:15 – 08:45 Morning meditation - non guided
9:00 Breakfast
10:00 Session Biodanza
13:00 Lunch
15:30 Session Meditation & Biodanza
18:00 Dinner
21:00 Fire ceremony & star-gazing
Saturday 10 Februar
08:15 – 08:45 Morning meditation - guided
9:00 Breakfast
09:45 Closing ceremony
11:00 Bye bye
(The order of each session might change)


Who can join?

The retreat is open to people feeling a resonance with this invitation. You need to be in psychological stable health, and able to contain yourself and your process. You also need to be drug free. It is a benefit if you have previous experience with biodanza or other modalities within human development.



Single room 6550 NOK
Double room 5500 NOK
Flermansrom (max 4 personer) 4450 NOK

To reserve your place, please go to the webpage of Nøsen: https://nosenyoga.secure.retreat.guru/program/winter-bliss-silent-retreat-with-biodanza-meditation-flowdancing-cacao-ceremony-fire-ceremony-and-more/?form=1&lang=en

About the accommodation:

Nøsen has cosy single-, double- and group-rooms for accommodation. Bedsheets are included for everyone.


(The photo is owned by Nøsen Yoga & Mountain Hotel)


(The photo is owned by Nøsen Yoga & Mountain Hotel)

What is included in the fee?

- All workshops (biodanza, flowdancing, cacao/fire ceremony, meditation, Mantra singing, sharing circles and more)
- Ceremonial grade cacao
- Accommodation for 3 nights including bed sheets
- Cleaning of the rooms on departure
- Hot evening dinner on the arrival day
- Breakfast, lunch and dinner on Thursday and Friday
- Breakfast on Saturday
- Coffee and tea during the breaks


The beautiful Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell (nosenyoga.no) in Valdres as our venue for the retreat. Nøsen is placed in the mountain of Valdres with fresh air, stillness, clean snow and amazing view.  Here you will enjoy delicious food, hosted by warm and caring staff. The place itself invites for inner connection, rest, harmony and peace.

Address to Nøsen: 
Nøsasvingen 19
2960, Ryn
Nøsen email: post@nosenyoga.no
Nøsen phone: +47 48422888

(The photo is owned by Nøsen Yoga & Mountain Hotel)

(The photo is owned by Nøsen Yoga & Mountain Hotel)

How to get there:

You can come to Nøsen by car. It is also possible to come with bus or train. If you come with bus or train you must book for an extra transport service offered by Nøsen for the last part of the journey.

You find a good description on the webpage for Nøsen

Kontakt oss — Nøsen Yoga og Fjellhotell (nosenyoga.no)


Teaching language:
The classes are given in English only. In case we will only be Norwegian speaking participants, we will use Norwegian. 


About the teacher:

All sessions will be given by Unni Heim.

Unni is the director of The Rolando Toro School for Biodanza – Norway, and the founder of Biodanza in Norway. She is also the creator of Flowdancing.

Unni is a warm and sensitive facilitator. She grew up in Tromsø, but has lived most of her adult life in Oslo or around the world. Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative journey, both personally and professionally. She works full time with dance, meditation, ceremonies and human development, and has been invited to teach in several countries in Eastern, Southern, Central and Northern Europe, as well as South Africa and Bali.
Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey and inner process is her greatest passion.

 Read more about Unni at www.biodanza.no and www.unniheim.no

Del denne siden med andre!

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