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8. mars 2024

Adresse: Dancify, Eikenga 11, 0579 Oslo

(PS: This is a flowdancing event - not biodanza)

Grief dance ceremony

A path of acknowledgment, transformation & love.

Dancify Friday  March from 18:30 - 21:00
Facilitaded by Unni Heim
(Free parking at Dancify)
Pre-registration needed.

It is with deep joy that I invite you to this evening to acknowledge the world and dignity of emotions that we all are a part of, and that is activated very strongly in this moment of time.

Every day I meet people that share the frustration and sadness on behalf of all the injustice, pain and despair that so many people live in this moment. We humans feel empathy with other humans and animals/plants. We suffer when someone else suffer.  

Grief not moved becomes stagnancy, and repressed grief soaks us in unnecessary suffering.

In this ritual you will be guided to acknowledge how grief resides in your body. We will move this grief together, allowing for the possibility of joy. There is no grief too great & there is no grief too small to be acknowledged.  

And even if you do not feel grief in the moment, to connect with intention I service of the human soul is already medicine both for yourself and for the collective.

This Friday evening we give space to the inner world of emotions.

We will sit together in the circle to unite, to meditate, to connect with the inner world, to opene the flower ritual. Then we dance and move the emotions. Parts of the flow you can have blind-fold on to enter even deeper inside. Then we come back to the community again, sitting in the circle to land together in love.  

To honour our grief & gift it space in a separated world, is to nourish the soul; not only the individual soul, but the soul of humanity.  

My style of facilitation is non-cathartic. It is contained & guided in sweetness, tenderness, trust and acceptance.

The purpose is empowerment for each of us being present; empowerment rooted in love, compassion and dignity.

Read more about Flowdancing – conscious movement here:Flowdancing homepage ()



Sponsor fee: 500 NOK
Normal fee: 350 NOK
Low income fee: 250 NOK

Please sign in by using the form on this page. There you can by by using VIPPS, card or ask for invoice. I will send you an email with practical info when I have received your registration.

Who can attend the session:
Everyone are welcome as long as you have capacity to self regulate and to harmonice and to flow with emotions instead of entering into dissociated response.


The session is led by Unni Heim

Unni is a warm and sensitive facilitator, space holder, healer and international facilitator and space holder. She grew up in the North of Norway under the Midnight Sun, the Aurora Borealis and magic dark winters.

Most of her adult she has lived in Oslo and in different countries and cities around the world.

She is trained as a Masters of Engineering, Psychosynthesis Psychotherapist and biodanza teacher, and is the founder of Biodanza in Norway as well as the founder and creator of Flowdancing conscious movement.

From an international career in telecommunications in the 19’s, she now works full time with dance, meditation and human development.  She is regularly being invited to teach & facilitate biodanza in several countries in Eastern-, Southern-, Central- and Northern Europe, as well as South Africa and more.

Since the year 2000, she has been on a deeply transformative inner journey, both personally, spiritual and professionally. This makes all her teachings profound rooted and integrated. 

Bringing people together to support our deeper life journey is her greatest passion. Expansion of love consciousness, the value of life, and the collective healing of mankind is penetrating all her sessions.



Sponsor price: 500 kr

Pris normal: 350 kr

Pris lav inntekt: 250 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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