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Payment link reSource Dharma 18-21 July 2024 - for late bird partisipants

18. juli 2024

Adresse: Dharma Mountain, Hedalsveien, Nes i Ådal, Valdres

Thank you so much for signing in for this years Biodanza Summer retreat at Dharma Mountaun. 

By using the form on this page you can pay the due amount for the workshops as well as for food and accomodation. 

Please pay it before July 10. If you for some reason cannot do that, it is important to let me know. 

You have paid the deposit (NOK 600) after the early bird expired, so for you the following fee is due (full price-deposit600+latebird600). 

Single room NOK 5460 (food/accommodation) + NOK 1500 (workshops) = NOK 6960. Remaining is NOK 6960-600+600 = 6960.

Dubble room NOK 4524 (food/accommodation) + NOK 1500 (workshops) = NOK 6024. Remaining is NOK 6024-600+600 = 6024

Tent NOK 3696 (food/accommodation) + NOK 1500 (workshops) = NOK 5196. Remaining is NOK 5196-600+600 = 5196.

I am so much looking forward to connect and share the time with you in July!





Singel Biodanza 18-21 July: 6.960 kr

Double Biodanza 18-21 July: 6.024 kr

Tent Biodanza 18-21 July: 5.196 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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