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Extension - Biodanza voice, music and percusion with Sergio Cruz

Fra 15. juni 2018
til 19. juni 2018

Adresse: Hadeland folkehøgskole Augedalsvegen 15 , 2760 Brandbu

Extension Biodanza: Voice, music and percussion with Sergio Cruz

Both the vivencial part and the methodological part in 4,5 days

at Brandbu, 1.5 hours north of Oslo, Norway

The training starts on Friday 15th June 2018 at 18:00,

and ends on Tuesday 19th of June at 18:00.

Open to fully qualified biodanza teachers as well as students under supervision.  

Methodology and vivencial part

This extension is often given over two weekends. Now we organise the two weekends in 4,5 days instead.

On Friday, Saturday and Sunday (15-17 June) the vivencial part is given. This part will be shared with the third cycle of School for Biodanza SRT - Norway.

On Monday and Tuesday (18-19 June) the methodological part is given.

Module 1 (Friday night, Saturday and Sunday) The first module will be mainly “vivencial”, which is of fundamental importance for the experience with voice and percussion given its diverse nuances. We will experience the voice as a musical instrument that produces integrated movement and induces deep vivencias and deep regression. We will give the introduction related to voice and the “emotional word” in Biodanza.

Module 2 (Monday and Tuesday) The second module will be mainly theoretical and methodological, and exclusive for those who did the first module which focused on the vivencial marathon of “Voice, Music and Percussion”. We will do several didactic voice vivencias to reinforce our knowledge as facilitators. We will talk about exercises of voice, and their congruence with the theoretical model of Professor Rolando Toro, as well as their possible variations and ways of deepening.

Please bring at least a small musical instrument of percussion.

Read more about the content at the end of the page.

The teacher:

The teacher for the training is Sergio Cruz, director of the Biodanza school in Bologna. Sergio is a highly regarded teacher, bringing (together with Rolando Toro and others) Biodanza to Italy from Brasil in 1988.

You can read about Sergio here.



Arrival time is Friday 15 June 2018 between 4 pm (16:00) and 5.30 pm (17:30).

The first session starts after a welcoming meal on Friday 15 June

The training ends latest at 6 pm (18:00) on Tuesday 19 June.

PLEASE make your flight bookings in such a way that you do not have to leave before we end on Tuesday!



Price 4,5 days training:

3350 NOK if signed up and payment before 15 April 2018.

3850 NOK if signed up and payment after 15 April 2018.

The deposit is non-refundable.

Price lodging and food (4 nights including food):

2900 NOK in single room

2300 NOK per person in double room

1700 NOK per person sleeping on floor in big room

PS for everybody: You have to bring your own blanket/duvet as well as pillow, quilt and case. If you do not want to bring your own, you can rent the whole package for 240 NOK. The venue has 50 duvets for rent.

The lodging/food price includes all 4 nights, from Friday 15 June until Tuesday 19 June and foods from Friday 15 June evening meal to Tuesday 19 June lunch.

You will be given 3 meals pr day on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. In addition, you will get two meals on Tuesday 19 and one meal on Friday 15.

PAYMENT and payment rules:

To sign up please use the form.

Please also tell us from which school you graduated.

If you have questions you can email Unni at unni@biodanza.no



The venue: Hadeland Folkehoyskole in Brandbu, 70 kilometers North from Oslo, viewable here: http://www.hafos.no/

This is a school where young people live for a year and learn about life.

The address is Augedalsvegen 15, 2760 Brandbu. Use google maps to view the place in reference to the airports and Oslo.



Oslo has 2 airports: Gardermoen and Torp. The main airport is Gardermoen, which is also the closest to the venue.
If you fly in to Gardermoen:

Alternative 1: You can go by bus directly without travelling in to Oslo. The distance is 50 km from this airport. Take a bus from Gardermoen to Lunder Rådhus in Roa. From there you take a taxi the final 17 kilometres. NB: This bus only departs every 2 hours.
Link to the bus company driving directly to Roa: http://www.askeladden.net/flybuss
Phone to Gran Taxi: +476133300. Web http://www.180.no/firmavis/28621553209061.htm

Alternative 2: You can take the train to Oslo Central Railway Station. This train departs from Gardemoen every 10 minutes. From there you take the train to Jaren. From Jaren you must take a taxi the last 5 km.
Phone to Gran Taxi: +476133300. Web http://www.180.no/firmavis/28621553209061.htm
Web to NSB (the train service in Norway): https://www.nsb.no/

If you fly in to Torp:
The airport Torp is furthest away and is not recommended unless you plan to stay for a longer time. From there you take the airport shuttle to Oslo central station.
And from there you take a train to Jaren. From Jaren you must take a taxi the last 5 km.
Phone to Gran Taxi: +476133300. Web http://www.180.no/firmavis/28621553209061.htm
Web to NSB (the train service in Norway): https://www.nsb.no/




If you need a place to stay from Monday to Tuesday (or you plan to stay longer before or after the workshop) you can find some cheaper places here:


Organised by the Biodanza school SRT Norway

Information and booking : Unni Heim - unni@biodanza.no, or +4791119359.
Further information about payment and the venue will be sent to you when you contact us.

Warm embrace from Unni

Theoretical  -Vivencial Content of Use of Voice in Biodanza

  • Nature as music’s teacher
  • Universal rhythms and biological rhythms
  • Melodies and sounds of nature
  • Anthropological aspects of music
  • Bio-music/The body as the origin of music
  • The human voice
  • Emotional words and emotional language
  • Visceral voice, internal dance and music
  • Rhythmic movement
  • Melodic movement
  • Organic music and harmony
  • Music and singing with an adrenergic effect
  • Music and singing with a cholinergic effect
  • Biological and physiologic effects of singing
  • Rhythmic singing – Creative singing
  • Affective singing – Singing as a caress
  • Shamanic singing – Singing and trance
  • Voice, music and percussion together


VOICE in Biodanza The work of integration and liberation of voice in Biodanza is of fundamental importance. I call it “vocal movement”, or “the dance of voice”.

In the integrative goal of Biodanza, voice cannot be isolated from integrated movement, from dance, in which the pelvic, abdominal, diaphragmatic, pectoral, cervical and oral segments flow integrated and freely, extending themselves in resonance to the arms, hands, legs and feet.

The commitment with emotion and with expression should be complete. The spoken word in Biodanza should normally be reduced to a minimum, because it has a strong rational/cortical connotation and structure. But when this spoken word is provoked by emotion it transforms itself into a true dance.

Many people that work with voice on a daily basis are quite capable of expressing their ideas and objectives with words; however, when it comes to talking about the emotions that are involved in their lives or their passions, the same people block themselves and can barely bread, making integrated dance impossible.

In the work of voice in Biodanza, we stimulate this dance in which the rhythm, the breath, the internal and external movements emerge completely integrated. Through voice, as musical sound like a sonorous dance as well as singing, we get to vivencia, which is a healing vibration, a pulsation that penetrates and is at same time involving and dissolving the dancer.

The shamans utilize singing to transform disharmonic rhythms into healthy and harmonic rhythmic movements. They breath and sing harmony, like a breeze that caresses the flower of the trees, or like the wind in the ocean waves, or the sand at the beach, or like the water in waterfalls flowing over the rocks.

Healing organic flux reactivates the dance of life and cosmic music. Integrated movements are music. We just need to feel, admire and experience them.

All our embraces are sonorous, all our encounters with life are musical.

SINGING and VOICE in Biodanza are vital movements, pure emotion. Biodanza is movement, emotion, music, and singing. It is certainly the dance of life: the “Art of Existing”.

Sérgio Cruz 


All illnesses are musical problems whose healing consists in finding a musical solution.What heals is the communion with the healthy, the genius of sound.”


“The bigger the musical talent of the doctor, the more complete and faster is the healing process.”



“The emotions have musical forms, sonorous spaces, musical love notes. The vivencias express themselves in heartbeats of the universe. If we are connected with our palpitations everything transforms itself into music.”

Prof. Rolando Toro Araneda




Deposit voice training: 500 kr

Food + accom. in Single room: 2.900 kr

Food + accom. in dubble room: 2.300 kr

Food + accom. on floor: 1.700 kr

Rent douvet + bed linen: 240 kr

Training paid before april 15.: 3.350 kr

Training paid after april 15. : 3.850 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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