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DHARMA MOUNTAIN Biodanza SILENCE retreat with Unni Heim - COMING HOME

Fra 29. mars 2018
til 1. april 2018

Dharma Mountain, 3528 Hedalen

Biodanza Silence retreat with Unni Heim, - 4 day retreat at Dharma Mountain in the Hedalen valley, Valdres in Norway from 18:00 Thursday 29. March 2018 until approx 16.00 Sunday 1. April 2018  (Easter holiday) "Coming home, going in and the nourishing power of Silence and Peace". "Some times I long for silence. I ...

OSLO Biodanza deepening workshop with Unni - THE SACRED MARRIAGE OF YIN YANG

Fra 21. april 2018
til 22. april 2018

Fossveien 24 (Lokalene til KHio i Oslo), 0551 Oslo

Deepening weekend workshop in Oslo with Unni Heim Saturday April 21 2018 at 11:00 to 18:30 and Sunday April 22 2018 at 11:00 to 17:30 Place: Fossveien 24, Grunerløkka in Oslo Theme for the workshop: The sacred marriage of YinYang - Organic creation, vitality and abundance of living This weekend we will d ...


Deposit: 300,00 kr
Full fee: 1.300,00 kr
Full fee with season card: 1.200,00 kr
Early bird: 1.100,00 kr
Early bird with season card: 1.000,00 kr


PRAGUE CZECH REPUBLIC Biodanza weekend workshop with Unni Heim HUMAN A LIVING WONDER

Fra 1. juni 2018
til 3. juni 2018

Weekend workshop in central Prague with Unni Heim Saturday 2 - Sunday 3 June 2018. Get details about the address, time, price and and more from Marketa Hrabalova Theme for the workshop: "Human - a living wonder" Being human is a gift, a journey, an adventure, a mystery beyond anything. T ...

ITALY - Biodanza in nature - workshop with Unni Heim - THE SACREDNESS OF LIFE

Fra 8. juni 2018
til 10. juni 2018

Residensial weekend workshop with Unni Heim in Italy, close to Bergamo The Sacredness of Life Retrieving organic vitality through transcendence and connection with nature. Being in nature brings us closer to the vibrant harmony that exists in all living beings. It helps us find our way back to our centre. At t ...

OSLO Midsummer biodanza Open to everybody Biodanza workshop with Unni - ALIVE NOW - Celebrating our human nature

23. juni 2018

Fossveien 24 (Lokalene til KHio i Oslo), 0551 Oslo

Midsummer biodanza 2018   Welcome to a one day workshop with Unni Heim in Oslo. Everybody are welcome!   Time: Saturday June 23 2018 at 11:00 to 18:30 (Optional: you are also welcome to come along into nature at Bygdøy after the workshop) Place: Fossveien 24, Grunerløkka in Oslo   Theme for the w ...


Depositum: 300,00 kr


First Czech Biodanza festival - 25.-29.7.2018, Czech Republic

Fra 25. juli 2018 17:00
til 29. juli 2018 16:00

Come joyn us and make new friends in Czech republic! More information is comming!

OSLO Biodanza workshop with Flavio Buffetti from Italy

Fra 22. september 2018
til 23. september 2018

More info si coming soon!

The Official European Biodanza Congress in Spain October 2018

Fra 11. oktober 2018
til 14. oktober 2018

Come dance with the world!

DHARMA MOUNTAIN - Biodanza and shamanism with Maira Martinez and Unni Heim

Fra 19. oktober 2018
til 21. oktober 2018

Dharma Mountain, Hedalen

Welcome to a tree days deepening workshop with Maira Martinez from Canada and Unni Heim from Norway. Time: Friday October 19 2018 at 18:00 to Sunday October 21 2018 at 17:00 Place: Dharma Mountain, Hedalen, Valdres in Norway Theme for the workshop: Biodanza and neo-shamanism with Native Americ ...


Deposit: 600,00 kr



1. desember 2018 11:00 - 18:30

Welcome to a one day deepening workshop with Unni Heim in Oslo. Time: Saturday December 1 2018 at 11:00 to 18:30 Place: Fossveien 24, Grunerløkka in Oslo One of our instincts is a longing to connect, a longing to fuse, a longing for deep harmony with the totality.   Human beings have a natural ...

BIODANZA IN NATRURE IN SOUTH-AFRICA - The South-African encounter December 14-17 2018 with Unni Heim

Fra 14. desember 2018
til 17. desember 2018

Groothoek Dam Road, Thaba ‘Nchu District

It is a pure joy for me to go to South-Africa for the African encounter and teach biodanza in nature. The encounter takes place in Black Mountain (see map) from 5 pm December 14th until lunchtime December 17th.,  and is open to all biodanzers from all over the world. Biodanza teachers and students under supervision a ...

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