Dato/tid Beskrivelse Pris Sted
29.05.2018 18:30-20:45 Biodanza videregående gruppe med Unni Heim - Åpen kveld

Tirsdagsgruppa med Unni tar imot gjester i kveld :-) Kveldens tema:  The healing power of Connection -  Intimitet med deg selv - tilhørighet i menneskeheten - og enhet med livet   Hjertelig velkommen! Dette er en gruppe for videregående, så det er fint om du har erfaring med biodanza fra tidligere. Drop ...

Biodanza dropp inn: 300,00 kr


Fossveien 24 (Lokalene til KHio i Oslo),

15.06.2018 til 19.06.2018 Extension - Biodanza voice, music and percusion with Sergio Cruz

Extension Biodanza: Voice, music and percussion with Sergio Cruz Both the vivencial part and the methodological part in 4,5 days at Brandbu, 1.5 hours north of Oslo, Norway The training starts on Friday 15th June 2018 at 18:00, and ends on Tuesday 19th of June at 18:00. Open to fully qualified biodanza teachers ...

Deposit voice training: 500,00 kr

Food + accom. in Single room: 2.900,00 kr

Food + accom. in dubble room: 2.300,00 kr

Food + accom. on floor: 1.700,00 kr

Rent douvet + bed linen: 240,00 kr

Training paid before april 15.: 3.350,00 kr

Training paid after april 15. : 3.850,00 kr


Hadeland folkehøgskole Augedalsvegen 15 , 2760 Brandbu

23.06.2018 OSLO Midsummer biodanza Open to everybody Biodanza workshop with Unni - ALIVE NOW - Celebrating our human nature

Midsummer biodanza 2018   Welcome to a one day workshop with Unni Heim in Oslo. Everybody are welcome!   Time: Saturday June 23 2018 at 11:00 to 18:30 (Optional: you are also welcome to come along into nature at Bygdøy after the workshop) Place: Fossveien 24, Grunerløkka in Oslo   Theme for the w ...

Depositum: 300,00 kr


Fossveien 24 (Lokalene til KHio i Oslo), 0551 Oslo

25.07.2018 17:00 til 29.07.2018 16:00 First Czech Biodanza festival - 25.-29.7.2018, Czech Republic

Come joyn us and make new friends in Czech republic! More information is comming!

22.09.2018 til 23.09.2018 OSLO The Passion of Living - Biodanza workshop with Flavio Boffetti from Italy

Warmly welcome to a Biodanza workshop with Flavio Boffetti from Italy, director of the Biodanza school in Naples (Napoli)Theme for the weekend:  THE PASSION OF LIVING Eros, Fire and Vital momentum"Each of us has an intensity that deserves to be expressed to make life more beautiful"  R. Garandy    Saturday Septemb ...

11.10.2018 til 14.10.2018 The Official European Biodanza Congress in Spain October 2018

Come dance with the world!

19.10.2018 til 21.10.2018 DHARMA MOUNTAIN - Biodanza and shamanism with Maira Martinez and Unni Heim

Welcome to a tree days deepening workshop with Maira Martinez from Canada and Unni Heim from Norway. Time: Friday October 19 2018 at 18:00 to Sunday October 21 2018 at 17:00 Place: Dharma Mountain, Hedalen, Valdres in Norway Theme for the workshop: Biodanza and neo-shamanism with Native Americ ...

Deposit: 600,00 kr


Dharma Mountain, Hedalen

09.12.2018 til 12.12.2018 Extension - Biodanza in nature in Sout-Africa with Unni Heim

Yes! I will give my first extension training for biodanza teachers close to the cradle of human kind, in South-Africa, The nest, Drakensburg www.thenest.co.za/ Read more at http://africanencounter.co.za/extension-training/ The training is organized a few days before the African Encounter and your ticket includes your ...

14.12.2018 til 17.12.2018 BIODANZA IN NATRURE IN SOUTH-AFRICA - The South-African encounter December 14-17 2018 with Unni Heim

It is a pure joy for me to go to South-Africa for the African encounter and teach. The encounter takes place at The Nest Drakensberg (www.thenest.co.za/) from 5 pm December 14th until lunchtime December 17th.,  and is open to all biodanzers from all over the world. Read more at http://africanencounter.co.za/ Pre-tra ...

24.05.2019 til 26.05.2019 Identity and the four elements in Oslo with Helene Levy Benseft 24 - 26 May 2019

It is of greate honour and happines that we invite to the vivencial Biodanza weekend : Identity and the four elements. We are luckey to have Helene Levy Benseft coming to us from France to conduct it.  Time: Friday May 24 2019 at 18:30 - 21:15 Saturday May 25 2019 at 10:30 - 19:00 Sunday May 26 2019 at 10:30 - 17 ...

25.10.2019 til 27.10.2019 The tree of Desire - Oslo 25-27 October 2019 with Helene Levy Benseft

It is of greate honour and happines that we invite to the vivencial Biodanza weekend : The tree of Desire. We are luckey to have Helene Levy Benseft coming to us from France to conduct it.  Time: Friday October 25 2019 at 18:30 - 21:15 Saturday October 26 2019 at 10:30 - 19:00 Sunday October 27 2019 at 10:30 - 17 ...

Del denne siden med andre!

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