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Biodanza workshop with Veronica Toro and Raul Teren from Argentina - Dancing the Archetypes of Love

Denne workshopen er nå fulltegnet, men det er mulig å stå på venteliste. Send en epost til unni@biodanza.no dersom du ønsker dette.

Unique deepening workshop in Norway.

Veronica Toro and Raul Terren is comming to Oslo!

3 days workshop February 2016:

Friday 19. February at 19:00 - 21:30

Saturday 20. February at 10:30 - 19:00

 Sunday 21. February at 10:00 - 17:30

Fossveien 24, Grünerløkka in Oslo (KHiO)


Theme for the workshop:

Dancing the Archetypes of Love


 Slange liggende 3 bilder.jpg

Whether for one night, or for life, love asks us to give of ourselves and devote our time to it.

Without desire, there is no pleasure.

Without pleasure, love does not last long.

To awaken desire in the other person is the art of seduction, to open doors
 into her/his sensuality and heart.


Unni og Alejandro.jpg

To care for, and allow the other to take care of us, are the essential activities for the survival of our relationships.

Love for humanity and life is what allows us, at any time, to love and be loved, and opens the way to ecstasy.

Love is a magical and miraculous encounter between two people who come into deep connection and want to be together.

We all have the capacity on edge to love, but few of us know how to truly cultivate this love and let it flower.

This workshop invites us to give love the special place that it needs to occupy in our lives. Welcome to explore the path of Love!





Price for the workshop: 1500 NOK. 

(discount for students from Norsk Biodanzaskole: 1200 NOK)

To secure your place please pay a deposit of 300 NOK to:

IBAN: NO6890441101219, Swift: HANDNOKK

Bank account: 90441101219

Name of the bank: Handelsbanken Skøyen, PB 277
Skøyen, 0213 Oslo, Norway

Name of receiver: Unni Heim, Hoffsveien 8a,  0275 Oslo

Remember to write your name and "Love" in the payment. You also have to send an email to unni@biodanza.no

People living in Norway do not need to use IBAN and SWIFT. Bank account number is enough.

Maximum 65 participants!



This course is open to anybody that is practicing, or have been practicing biodanza regularly.

If you have never been practicing biodanza in weekly groups, you need to have experiance from biodanza workshops, retreats or biodanza schools.

If you do not fit in any of these categories, and would like to join, please contact unni so that we can decide together if this is a good workshop for you. unni@biodanza.no



The workshop is given in English (Raul will speak directly in English and Veronica will speak in Spanish with Norwegian translation).



The teachers of the workshop is Veronica Toro and Raul Terren from Argentina.

Veronica og Raul.jpg


Veronica Toro and Raul Terren are directors of Biodanza Rolando Toro schools in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Burgundy in France. They regularly teach in training schools, worldwide and contributed to the development of theoretical and vivencial training in Biodanza. Their specializations are among others creativity, instincts, existential choices and the tree of desires.

Raul and Veronica are the parents of four children. They are among the pioneers of Biodanza in Europe and Latin America. 

Veronica Toro, daughter of Rolando Toro, specializes in Biodanza for women. She is a member of the Board of Directors of the International Biocentric Foundation (IBF) and director of research in music and exercises Biodanza. Together with Raul she wrote the book"Biodanza - the poetry of the encounter".

Raul Terren holds a master's degree in cognitive psychology and a degree in economics. His research area is the vivencial epistemology. He is the President of the IBF that coordinates the movement of Biodanza in the world. He published "Living in Love" with Bruno Giuliani and two books of poetry: "Mystery" and "Epiphanies".

Del denne siden med andre!

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