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EXTENSION TRAINING - Identity and the Four Elements with Helene Levy Benseft 10-14 July 2019 in Norway

Fra 10. juli 2019
til 14. juli 2019

Adresse: Dharma Mountain, Hedalen

Extension training Identity and the Four Elements with Helene Levy Benseft

 methodological part in 4,5 days
at Dharma mountain, Valdres valley, 2 hours from Oslo, Norway
The training begins with a welcoming meal on Wednesday 10th July 2019 at 18:30, arrival from 17:00.
The training ends on Sunday 14th July 2019 latest 17:00.
PLEASE ensure your flight booking on Sunday is not before 21:00. You will probably need to depart the next day.

"It is with great joy that we organize the Biodanza training "Identity and the Four Elements" in Norway. This is one of the earliest and also largest extensions created by Rolando Toro. We feel it is of deep relevance for all biodanza teachers, both in terms of personal process and evolution, and for greater understanding of how to generate integrative, transformative vivencias capable of strenghtening the identity of our participants. We warmly welcome you to join us,"  - Unni and Paola.

Open to fully qualified Biodanza teachers as well as students under supervision and students of the third year of training that have already participated in the vivencial weekend "Identity and the Four Elements". This prerequiste weekend is offered in Norway May 24th-26th 2019 (https://biodanza.no/arrangement-2642.html). It can also be taken other places before attending this training.

Identity and the Four Elements:

The origin of the universe is an enigma, which has always held an extraordinary fascination for the human spirit.
This has given birth to different theories – both biological and spiritual - regarding the origin of the universe in order to understand, explain or to represent the passage of chaos towards order and the placement of the human being within.

The same principles, which form the basis of these classical cosmogonies, continue fertilizing the imagination and unconscious of the human beings, in the form of symbols and archetypes.

Earth, Air, Fire and Water are among these archetypes that activate real "hormones" in us. The elements stimulate sensory representations of bodily experiences (feelings, emotions and behaviors) that contribute to the intimate integration of the tangible.

On the human level, individual evolution is related to the "organizing" power of each element. A balanced and harmonious expression of our inner Four Elements will therefore be one of the major keys to our personal integration and our relationship to the cosmic totality.

The proposed 'Identity and Four Elements’ in Biodanza, is based upon the structural analysis of each participant, aiming to stimulate the most inhibited elements and balance the more excessive.

Through dance, invocation and the realization of symbolic vivencias, everyone can find their inner "Alchemist" who is able to transform mundane existence into an experience of a life of plentitude; able to draw a path from the chaos and the flatness towards more order and wholeness.


Helene Levy Benseft was one of the first people bringing Biodanza to Europe in the 1980s. For several decades, she has directed the Biodanza school in Nice as well as teaching all over the world.

Helen followed the extension specialization course "Identity and the four elements" with Rolando Toro Araneda and Ruth Cavalcante, and has lead workshops on the Four Elements for more than 25 years. The IBF (International Biocentric Foundation), under the tutelage of Rolando Toro Araneda, has authorized Helen Levy Benseft to lead facilitators of training modules in the specialization of this extension.

She has already contributed largely in the development of Biodanza here in Norway, and we are deeply grateful and happy to have her with us once again.


Price for the 4.5 days extension training: 3950 NOK.

Early bird price 3350 NOK when non-refundable deposit of 600 NOK is paid before May 10th 2019.

Price lodging and food (4 nights including food):

You have 3 options:

3200 NOK to sleep in a dobbel room

4800 NOK to sleep in a single room (Only when and if available. Pleace request this option.)

2400 NOK to sleep in a tent (please bring your own tent). 

The price for lodging and food includes all 4 nights acommodation, 2 meals per day on Thursday, Friday and Saturday as well as one evening meal Wednesday on arrival and lunch on Sunday.

Please note that breakfast is not included. If you like you can order a breakfast basket for 100 NOK per day.

About the accommodation:
You will sleep in a holiday cottage. Each cottage has two bedrooms, with two beds in each room. One cottage have 3 bedrooms.

There will be two people in each room.

Every cottage has its own bathroom and kitchen!

Here you can see some pictures.

Payment and payment rules:

To secure your space please sign up and pay the deposit of 600 NOK by using the form (Påmelding). Please also type in with whom and when you did the prerequisite vivencial weekend "Identity and the Four Elements" inside the "Kommentar" box.  After paying your non-refundable deposit, you will receive an email confirmation. (NB early bird price payment by May 10th 2019.)

Payment terms will be sent in your confirmation email.  

Please contact Paola at post@biodanza.no if you have questions.


The extension "Identity and the Four Elements" in biodanza is given over 3 modules.

We offer a condensed version where the vivencial experience counts as module 1, and module 2 and 3 are given during these 4.5 days. 

The training aims to empower Facilitators of Biodanza to:

  • Propose a progressive initial approach of Four Elements in a weekly process
  • Deepen the Four Elements in the weekly process
  • Propose advanced courses with the four elements
  • Learn how to use the ceremonies inside and outside in nature as a tool for integrating a specific element.

During the vivencial weekend in May (module 1) you will experience:

1. Group Integration

2. Individual Diagnosis of the four elements (Earth, Water, Fire and Air) by calling the element

3. Development of the individual tétragramme

4. For each element, deepening vivencial and incorporation ceremonies.

During the methodological days in July (module 2 and 3):

5. Deepening theoretical, methodological and guided practice. 

Theoretical foundations

- Theoretical deepening of the symbolism of every element and its relationship with evolutionary dynamics and integration of potentials.

- Anthropological and mythical foundations of the four elements in different cultures (Mediterranean, African, American).

- Relationship between the archetypes and elements.

For each element

- Vivencias will call in each element (with a choice of preparatory and specific exercises) reading the body’s elements for diagnosis of movement and vivencia.

- Development of individual tetragrams and individual interview.

- A joint decision of prescription.

- Individual challenges of incorporation of specific parts of an element.

- Musical semantics of the Four Elements.

- Music of the Four Elements (a series of music available digitally for those authorized in this specialization).

- A theoretical and methodological orientation documentation will be provided during the training.


The training certificate for the extension will be distributed to Biodanza facilitators at the end of the last module.
A provisional certificate will be given to the facilitators who are not yet certified Biodanza facilitators (their diploma will be issued later during their tenure)


Bibliography to consult with a view to the training:

It is recommended to have read at least one of the following texts before the end of the training and it is highly recommended to have consulted all of the following prior to engaging in the facilitation process in this extension.

The various texts of Gaston Bachelard

La terre et les rêveries du repos (Earth and Reveries of Repose, 1946)

La terre et les rêveries de la volonté (Earth and Reveries of Will, 1948)

La psychanalyse du feu (The Psychoanalysis of Fire, 1938)

La psychanalyse de l’eau (The Psychoanalysis of Fire)

L'air et les songes (Air and Dreams, 1943)

Identity and Integration (Training Modules - Rolando Toro Araneda)

Trance and Regression (Training Modules - Rolando Toro Araneda)

Creativity in Biodanza (Training Modules - Rolando Toro Araneda)

The Vivencia (Training Modules - Rolando Toro Araneda)


How to get there:
The venue (Dharma Mountain) is located about 2 hours` drive south-west of Oslo.

You can travel by car or by bus.

You take the Bus to Nes i Ådal (This is the line called Valdresekspressen). From there you take a taxi 15 minutes. It is easy and not expensive to share taxi with other people for the last part of the journey.

Click here to see road descriptions and information about bus transportation.



Deposit: 600 kr

Del denne siden med andre!

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